Split seasons mixtape collaboration with Generic Greeting Collective artists and Ono artists this one is the Winter Edition with Jack Sheen and Pregnant with subtle white print on blue card and silver sprayed cassettes C60. Tape inlays designed by Grant Kidmilk. Last in the series . Fantastic mixes thanks to jack and pregnant really showing their influences and highlighting their friends work as well as new music from all around the world. A perfect end to this series . Listen online for free 







Autumn is here and this is the soundtrack. Part of the split tape collaboration between Ono and Generic Greeting Collective this year. Lovingly put together by me and Grant it's a joy to have this one in the bag finally. HOWES on the A side with his perfectly put together thoughtful YouTube mix. With Gnod member Paddy Shine in his new Tesla Coil guise for some spacious deep listening and never before heard textures. Gold tapes , orange covers with gold print courtesy of Fred Aldous feels like a precious package and looks the biz next to the other tapes in the series. Thanks so much to everyone involved so far.  






Summer Mix with Bill Szajna and Natasha Drmystery & Kidmilk on design duties. Ono & Generic Greeting Collective concept for 2016 ! With two new mixes to keep your stereo pumping through the summer months... these two are absolute treasure and i'm very happy to have DRMYSTERY and SZAJNA on board the ONO GG COLLABO . Listen Below








A Cassette tape collaboration between Generic Greeting Collective and Ono this is a 50/50 Mixtape 50 Mins a side. Yellow side is with "Big Peace" a local gentleman who was formerly known as Big War, this mix includes many of his productions and is a good taster for the forthcoming BIG PEACE record on Ono. Side two is taken care of by Originally A Dancer . A little project from Chloe Pensavalle and myself, starting life as a simple mix session this project quickly gathered momentum and this is our first physical production. Both Mixes include unreleased music and favourite influences along the way. Hope that you enjoy the spring mixtape as much as we enjoyed making it. Shipping out on 9th of June 2016


50 Copies only 50/50 tapes in blue and yellow with green inlay designed by Kidmilk .  



you can listen to the Originally A Dancer side here https://www.mixcloud.com/michael-holland/spring-mixtape-originally-a-dancer/


and the Big Peace side here... https://www.mixcloud.com/michael-holland/big-peace-spring-mix-for-generic-greeting-collective-ono-seasons-2016-mixtape-series/listeners/