I'm doing a session on NTS radio this month to celebrate 10 Years of ONO with a selection of harddrive tracks that i've gleaned and spliced together. Some rarities included and some new unreleased tracks that i really am proud of with tracks from the early 3" cd's and Nono releases as well as from the Minidisk only release that i think i only actually sold 1 copy of ... hope you like it , there's more than enough music left in the bag to do another show so i'll do another show later in the year most probably. 


Here's how it flows ... 


Andrew Hargreaves : Poeme Electronique (ONO AVANTGARDE)

Vitalija Glovackyte : We Are For A While Fragment (ONOVITALIJA)

Tom Boogizm : Murder Bridge (ONO BOOGIZM)

Rory Cook : Feign (Unreleased)

Glossolalia : If I Told Him (Gertrude Stein) (ONOGLOSSOLALIA)

Danny Norbury : Muses Qui Ne Songez (ONOCOCTEAU)

Watch Repair : Counterspace Part 1 (ONOAPOPHASIS)

Warpers Moss : Undone (ONOHARPO)

Ecka Mordecai : Fog (ONOWANDA)

John Howes And Michael Holland : Wabi Sabi (Edit) (ONOWABI-SABI)

Fith : Speed (WANDA)

Alternate Ending : Not Here (ONOMINIDEAD)

Big Peace : Cosey

Tom Boogizm : ECM (Dispilio Rework) (ONOBOOGIZM)

ACM Ensemble & Joe Snape : Verjaardag (ONOFLECK)

Weaver / Holland : Improvisation 1 2.12.14 (ONOTELL)

Karl (D'Silva) & Mike (Holland) : Subterranean (Unreleased)

Matt Wand : MD Track (ONOMINIDEAD)

Duty Mighty : Screwball Scramble (ONOALFRED)

Ronny And the Tin Foil Hat Brigade : Half Man Half Sprout (ONOMINIDEAD)

Desgio Rukeeng : What Are (NONO02)

Daughter Of The Industrial Revolution : A Concise History of the Last 50 Years of Anger And Betrayal (ONORESISTANCE)

Dispilio : Zebrida (ONODISPILIO)


Anna Berkenhoff & Michael Holland : Miss Flower (ONOOCCASIONALGRUMPY)



Vitalija Glovackyte : We Are For A While

Riso printed booklet and Cdr wrapped in recycled paper from one of the many artists involved in the project. This is primarily a tour CD for Vitalija to take to gigs but we made a few extra available for online buyers. This is a one time production and it took a lot of love to put it together. this piece came into existence thanks to a residency with Apartment House in 2015 & 2016 and the whole project is based around the temporality of things. This musically also raises the awareness around the subject of temporality in ourselves and the fragility of life.  Musically it is a long composition split into distinct parts with poetry and sound design sitting side by side with a palette including many broken unconventional and misused instruments. 


here's what boomkat had to say about it . 


One of the last ONO releases for the time being, presents the sonic aspects of an A/V installation/performance by Manchester’s SLIP-associated contemporary artist; Vitalija Glovackyte. A suitably bittersweet and unusually emotive addition to Micky Holland’s lovingly-curated label



WE ARE FOR A WHILE is a sonic and visual tale about recycling. Offering new life to broken instruments, borrowed music and battered machines recovered from across UK’s dumpsters, seashores, alley ways and other odd places, the work is a deep-felt and jovial exploration of the forgotten and the unwanted. These material outcasts prove their own worth in sonic beauty against the more conventional instruments, making this work as much about the art of re-using as it is an ode to trash.




Originally a 50 min. multimedia perfjoamcne for acoustic instruments, found objects, live lighting and electronics, WE ARE FOR A WHILE was created for and first toured with Apartment House, as part of Vitalija Glovackyte’s 18-month residency with the group.”




Epiphany Now : 1/3 (Wanda Ono)

The fourth release through the Wanda imprint is a tape from the new group Epiphany Now ! Jointly released with Ono this is a beautifully produced release with artwork from epiphany now and glitter tapes dubbed in germany. A concise and focused first release from this new band we are really glad to be working with them on this project alongside Wanda to support these visionary artists.  Check out their tumblr site for more information and extras http://epiphany-now.tumblr.com/ 

listen to epiphany now on soundcloud too https://soundcloud.com/epiphany-now 


Famous Moon King : Light Travels In Straight Lines

FMK Light Travels in Straight Lines. Ono 2017. Blurred smoggy foggy collaborations and communications between friends recorded in Salford and Trafford. Thanks to Joseph Haigh for his visionary experimental design with secrets to be discovered inside the packaging... Tape Loop Orchestra for arranging the opening track. All other collaborators are anonymous all tracks recorded by Famous Moon King. 


A1 : Light Travels In Straight Lines 07:12

A2 : A Touch Of Acidity For A Special Lady 03:33

A3 : Theatrical Fog 07:38 

A4 : Shape Of A Shadow 08:31


B1 : IUD (Dispilio Edit) 03:49

B2 : Specific Gratitude Is A Stride To Being More Conscious 11:26

B3 : Immigration is the highest form of flattery 07:54

B4 : IUD 02:42


C60 Tape Download available on bandcamp https://jcdecaux.bandcamp.com/album/light-travels-in-straight-lines


Big Peace : Peace & War

Big Peace (formerly known as Big War) is a Manchester based producer, DJ, member of the Generic Greeting Collective and co-promoter of No White Tee's (alongside Swing Ting's Joey B). Working in a variety of musical disciplines, you're as likely to hear his music as part of an installation in a gallery as you are to hear it on a rap mixtape. His unique and underivative productions have received praise both locally and further afield and have been featured on websites such as Vice, Dummy, Southern Hospitality and Cocaine Blunts. Big War's DJ sets run the gamut from funk and soul to rap and leftfield beats. Peace & War was created between 2010-2016 and is a two part collection of instrumentals made from samples and original material with an awareness of DIY music and a clear influence from early 90's Warp / electronica.

The music is bright eyed and positive but keeps it's foot firmly in the present as it marries its hip hop influences with a very post-everything, 2016 aesthetic. References could be made with 1080p, 100% Silk and the more recent Hyperdub output; but this definitely stands out as something sincere and considered, not simply an attempt to latch onto a fashionable trent of also-rans. Although highly produced, this is honest music that should resonante with the heart as much as it stimulates the mind and body. There's elements of yearning, lust, wide-eyed optimism and serene melancholy. Wonderfully sequenced and presented, this is a brilliantly realized piece. Highly recommended! 

Writeup from Piccadilly Records Manchester 

Peace Side:

1. Aisha

2. Hush (with Szajna)

3. Cosey

4. Diva

5. Mrmi3

6. Imperial Bedrooms (with Moose)

7. Find A Way

8. Bodyhigh

9. Scales (with Szajna)

10. Peace


War Side:

1. Tour

2. Hypeeee

3. Knew Too Much

4. Stiffy (with Szajna)

5. Ballout

6. Nono

7. Bonus Edit

8. Skerg

9. One Of You

10. Oscar



Autumn : Howes / Tesla Coil Split Cassette Tape For Generic Greeting Collective / Ono Seasons Mixtapes

Autumn is here and this is the soundtrack. Part of the split tape collaboration between Ono and Generic Greeting Collective this year. Lovingly put together by me and Grant it's a joy to have this one in the bag finally. HOWES on the A side with his perfectly put together thoughtful YouTube mix. With Gnod member Paddy Shine in his new Tesla Coil guise for some spacious deep listening and never before heard textures. Gold tapes , orange covers with gold print courtesy of Fred Aldous feels like a precious package and looks the biz next to the other tapes in the series. Thanks so much to everyone involved so far.