Lightning Glove : Raving Peacocks Tail 


Label: ONOTESLA / Red For Colourblind

Release Date: August 2015

Catalog: ONOTESLA003/Red For Colourblind007 

Originally released by Tesla Tapes in 2013 this is a vinyl LP version of this release created in collaboration with Tesla Tapes, Lightning Glove and Sonny Ritscher.

Here's what paddy had to say about the release! 

"...broken motorix, big bass, no bull vocals & heavy vibes. Hailing from what seems a vibrant scene in Czech Rep ,LG's debut cassette "Fantasmagorie Interiéru" is an all killer no filler assault and in parts scary as hell. Raving Peacocks Tail takes it further, beats and basslines that pull so hard on each other they tear the listener in two, no fat or waste to be found. Vocals that penetrate and with each listen become more poignant but never interfere with the music. This is not music for entertainment ,this music is a call to arms..." (tesla tapes). Email Gnod or add this release to an order with me just send a message to

Lightning Glove: Radical Zoo (Nothing) LP


Release Date: July 2014

Catalog: ONOTESLA002



Radical Zoo (Nothing) By Lightning Glove is Paddy Shine and Michael Holland's Second release on their young label OnoTesla. A radical departure from the last release from Negra Branca, this record hailing from the Czech Republic is the work of a collective of musicians and artists from Prague. Abrasive Lyrics and equally abrasive rhythms touching prophetic subjects such as the dream world . This is the sci-fi sound of Europe falling into disrepair. Radical Zoo (Nothing) doesn't fit into a square box, its a record for fans of rough edges tough electro rhythms and has aleady been getting plays from Jon K and And Andrew Lyster. Not everyones cup of tea with the lyrical content causing a bit of a rift with the squares record buying population. Lightning Glove are not going to apologise for their opinions and there won't be an instrumental version ! Fits nicely in your record box next to M-Gun and Urban Tribe or any of the crankier end of the Dark Wave spectrum.



A1 Brave New World

A2 Dream On (Ketamine God)

A3 Highway To Nowhere

B1 Europe

B2 Go Away

B3 When I Shut My Eyes


Limited LP Still available Email for copies