White Dot From Fun To Fear CDr

Facsimile reissue of the White Dot album produced in 2007 by Steve Lyon, features fully recycled packaging of cardboard wraparound secured with an elastic band. Only track 4 is missing from the original release to allow the music to flow more comfortably, at the request of Steve. 50 copies only following on from Bitter Minnow and Power of Four , showcasing this guy from Leigh producing a wonderful and prolific output of sound influenced by everything good about music from the last 40 years of sound.


Tracklist for From Fun To Fear

1 We Begin
2 Burn Proof
3 Sound 45
4 Duet
5 Orange
6 Winters Edge
7 Cured
8 Dark Ghost
9 Fragile
10 *0@*0OEFAXP
11 Clank
12 Cjrcular
13 Conkrete Eye
14 Spastrc
15 Allfjresfade
16 Swallow
17 Pjss Bass Vs Zep

Clown Guitar

Solar Powered Bhudda Power Of Four CDr

Thanks To Matt Ward of Piccadilly Records for this writeup about Leigh's Steve Lyon.


Michael Holland (Ono) - 'This is the work of the one man Steve Lyon who played his first solo public gig the week before this release in Islington Mill Salford. Previously he had played one other gig in Leigh Public Library with a band of local musicians from Leigh. Steve has many names and has been self releasing small runs of tapes and CDrs since starting to make music in 1976. Ono will be releasing many more of his projects, diving into the selection of 50 or so albums from his massive archive.'
Matt (Piccadilly) - An absolute joy to behold the release of this album. Steve's been bringing us in his music here at Piccadilly for years and literally has thousands of songs. It's always a pleasure to hear what strange and unusual directions his music is going and his production rate, output and consistency are phenomenal. I'd been hassling him about putting it out properly and thought the obvious label would be Ono. A meeting was arranged and the results are displayed here! Musically, he's out there on his own, but comparisons could be drawn with Arthur Russell - the sheer volume and diversity of his back catalogue rivals the famous American, and his bedroom-studio set-up reminds me of Russell's home studios in his latter days. However stylistically he's a million miles away, going from playful, celestial dreamscapes, to warped new-age freakouts, technicoloured tapestries of sound and percussion and back through a tranquilized, non-dualistic state of being - all energy forms, jewelled basketballs and machine elves. And that's just on this album! Steve truly is an enigma; this is just the start of a massive torrent of music that's coming your way, you lucky, lucky people. Get on board early and don't miss this 'debut' album.


Label : Ono

Cat Number : Ono Folk

Release Date 1/1/2015


The second of the Ono reissues of Steve Lyon's complex and beautiful music. This one is a more downtempo release for January days in the sun. Produced in 2007 by the man with many names, Solar Powered Buddha, Bitter Minnow is an earlier project by him with the name inspired by Genesis (the band). Beautiful Atmospheric and uplifting music to lose yourself in. Previously released in very low quantitties, private edition hand distributed and shared by just Steve himself. No trace of him anywhere on the internet. Really looking forward to the next releases from Steve, i will be delving into his large archive of 50 or so albums with more being produced all the time. His passion for creating and consuming new music is astounding.


1 Intro Fat In The Gravy
2 Untitled
3 Some Folk
4 Sunrise
5 Giddy Empire
6 Untitled
7 Larks Ascendent
8 Untitled
9 Shallow World
10 Broken Bird
11 Oxford Street Blues
12 Siesta For Bass
13 Out Here