"Their namesake initially being derived from the majestic climax of Serge Gainsbourg’s album, “Histoire de Melody Nelson”, Cargo Cult began humbly as an acid-vision of 1960s vitality dragged kicking and confused into a post-21st century schism. With influences and incarnations as broad as all Lancashire, the band began playing the Manchester circuit in the mid-naughties, drawing crowds that left bewildered or otherwise beguiled. Having played various fledgling gigs alongside the likes of Brown Brogues, Crocodiles, Drunk in Hell and Wode, it would be fair to say that promoters, and gig-goers alike have struggled over the years to pigeonhole the sound of Cargo Cult. However, some stark comparisons have been made in their brief history to that of Slint, Jesus Lizard and The Fall.

Their second sizeable recording, entitled “Summer of Grieving” plays out as a slow progression from the traditions of rock and/or roll, (see Night Time is a Frightful Time and Comic Profanity) taking the listener through a mire of paranoia, betrayal and feedback abuse (The News is the Noose and Starry-Eyed & Sleepless) which culminates in the minor-epic soundscapes carrying a cacophony of moral panic in their footnotes at the twist of the album.

Much like marmite, the flavour of this unusual concoction is bewilderingly awkward to summarise to the uninitiated. But be prepared never to put the tub down once you’ve had a taste."


1 Yu

2 Poison

3 Night Time Is A Frightful Time

4 Comic Profanity

5 Turbo Hippies

6 Subhuman Sustenance

7 The News Is The Noose

8 Whispers & Echoes

9 Starry-Eyed & Sleepless

10 A Happy Dose Of Homoterrestrial Spirit

11 Circles, Circles & Bigger Fucking Circles


12 My Heaven