Ronnie C Hoyte ! Many people remember him from just seeing his face outside Boots on Market St busking his way through the nineties. A picture showed up just recently taken by Missus IP in 1999 showing the man strumming his guitar on that exact spot. Ive heard many people talking about him recently and i'm sure lots more people of manchester have a  fond memory of Ronnie C Hoyte. Here's his latest album Gimme Gimme Gimme Your Love. The album has been recorded by Raúl and Andrew Hodson produced in 2015 at Seed Studios in Old Trafford. I'm really proud of it as an album and certain tracks are really outstanding. Its a special album and i'm really proud of Ronnie for making it with Raúl and Andrew doing wonderful work recording Ronnie. 


Send me an email on if you would like a copy or pop in to Piccadilly records or Seed Studios in Manchester to buy one in real time!